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Why don't some replacement keys open the door?

If the new keys are not cut accurately, they might not fit well in the keyway of the door locks. The key replacement must be an exact match for a certain lock. If your replacement doesn't open the door, get a new one.

How can I avoid a lockout?

You should always have a second key with you to avoid a house lockout or give one to a good neighbor and a friend living nearby. Don't hide keys under doormats and keep the number of our experts on speed dial for lockout services.

What is the strike plate?

The strike plate is the steel plate installed with a few screws against the door jamb. It has a small hole in the middle where the bolt of the security locks is inserted and this is how the door is locked. That's why our experts suggest fastening it well with the right size screws and adjusting it properly.

Are electronic locks more secure compared to mechanical ones?

A lock’s resistance to different kinds of break-in techniques depends on its individual features and make. That is why it is not possible to draw a general conclusion on the security of the two types of locks - electronic and mechanical. Electronic locks use a small electric motor for operating the bolt. It is powered by electricity which comes from batteries which can be replaced. Usually, each user gets a unique code for operating the lock.

Why does wiggling my key in the lock work to get it to open?

As locks get older over time, the internal pins in the cylinder tend to wear down which causes your key to stick. By wiggling the key in the lock, you force the tumblers to align properly with the cylinder. Eventually this method to open the lock will no longer work. Give our technicians a call and we will replace the worn pins and give you new keys for your lock that will work perfectly.

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